Our Product

We believe that there is no need for costly and environmentally damaging processes in order to produce a high quality product. Wood is one of the most sustainable, diverse and exotic materials that is often neglected in jewelry. We combine natural, hand polished and drilled wood pieces from around the world with durable materials like steel and gold using stringent guidelines to offer you a truly unique product.

Our Process

Our wood beads come from sources that are abundant and easy to replenish. We stay away from trees that take longer to mature or species that are close to extinction. For example, the wood used in our “The South America” bracelet comes from coconut trees. Until recently, once a tree had stopped producing fruit at the end of it’s life cycle, it was cut down and discarded. Which is a shame because the naturally striped and spotted pattern is beautiful and unique.

Next comes the drilling. In the jewelry world, the standard drill hole size for any bead or gem is in the 0.8mm – 1.0mm range. This only allows for a thin thread to pass through whether it be silk, plastic or nylon. The extremely durable nylon elastic thread we use comes in at 1.0mm – 1.2mm depending on the wood bead size and retains its elasticity better than the alternative rubber or plastic variety. You can rest assured that it would take a significant amount of force to deform or break your Rove bracelet.

Our Promise

When we first set out to make our Rove bracelets, we were curious to see if the wood beads we chose would withstand the stress and abuse of daily life. And so, we wore them for one year. They were exposed to fresh water, salt water, soap, sweat and both dry and humid environments. Not only did they perform above expectations, but they also did not lose their look and appeal unlike traditional jewelry does if not cleaned, polished, restrung or rhodiumed periodically. Moreover, our steel or rose gold beads do not tarnish unlike silver or white gold and none of our thicker nylon elastic threads snapped in 365 days of putting them on and taking them off daily.

Furthermore, each bead and each bracelet is inspected before being shipped out. This ensures that you will receive a quality product. If for whatever reason you disagree, we will take it back for a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

A word from our founder

Arka Akkelian grew up immersed in the world of high end jewelry. Participating in jewelry conventions around the world since the age of 16, he owes his experience and exposure to the family business that has been operating for over 40 years. To learn the trade, he traveled to prestigious destinations like Italy, Switzerland and Russia as well as exotic and less accessible cities in Myanmar, Thailand, China, Viet Nam, India and Indonesia. With Rove, he has fused these two passions of jewelry and travel into a quality product representing different countries and different experiences from around the world by the type of wood contained in each bracelet.


“When I was in Bali, I bought three bracelets made out of thread and wood beads sold by locals on the beach. I didn’t think much of them at first, especially since the dye in the thread and beads kept rubbing off on my skin. However upon returning home, I found it mentally difficult to remove them from my wrist. Every time my eye caught them, a small sense of peacefulness and happiness took over for a few seconds and I did not want to lose that feeling. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a diamond tennis bracelet or a 5$ thread bracelet. If you glance at what you are wearing and it makes you pause and smile, that is all that matters. Of course, it helps if the product is built using the best materials for that feeling to last longer. And so, Rove bracelets were born.”

– Arka Akkelian

The three bracelets from the story… and a gecko!


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